Operations Consulting & Process Reengineering

Design business processes and reengineer your supply chain to build resilience and guard against volatility.


Remain confident in an ever-changing world

The benefits of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) / Integrated Business Planning (IBP) are persuasive — reduced operating costs, better inventory management, and accelerated top-line growth. Spinnaker SCA helps clients develop and implement effective end-to-end planning processes to align decision-making and plans across finance, sales, marketing, product development, and supply chain to optimize overall business results.

A recurring reality of planning systems implementations is that planners are not effectively reconciled with the framework imposed by new systems. Features that were desired remain dormant, and sideband planning decisions continue to be made in Excel. Spinnaker SCA has conducted many repair and remediation efforts that exposed the missing components of effective process leverage and have helped companies include skills and perspectives that finally allowed both planner and system to help each other perform as intended.

Spinnaker SCA brings many years of experience in not just the practices themselves but also in realistic change management efforts to align accountability, capability, and culture with the expectations of advanced demand, supply and inventory planning.

Future-proof your supply chain strategy