Optimize your distribution operations for peak performance and customer satisfaction

Distributors need to operate at peak performance in order to meet critical service level agreements, compliance requirements and sustainability targets all while reducing costs. Some of the main supply chain challenges include:

  • Lack of supply chain landscape visibility causes frustration and a lack of understanding of whether warehouses are stocked appropriately and if inventory imbalances exist.  
  • Distributors struggle to understand the impact of delayed supplier orders or warehouse transfers.  Without visibility to these disruption impacts, Distributors cannot anticipate the overall impact to upstream resupply and what this means to the business and its customers.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete data triggers unnecessary make, buy, or move signals to the organization creating additional labor and inventory costs. 

Spinnaker SCA helps Distributors build a unified view of the supply chain across all warehouses showcasing demands, inventories, and open purchase, production and transfer orders improving the overall landscape visibility and decision-making.  Secondly, we work with clients to create a forward-looking, time-phased inventory and replenishment plan that can immediately highlight the impact of both supplier and internal supply chain disruptions allowing distributors to adjust and respond more efficiently.  Lastly, we work to build clean and complete data providing the necessary support for accurate purchase order, work order, and transfer order placement, including whether to push out, pull in or cancel existing open orders, improving decision accuracy and reducing costs.

Featured Case Study

Spinnaker SCA Drives Supply Chain Optimization for Chemicals Distributor

“Prior to engaging with Spinnaker, our supply chain scenario analysis was often less efficient since it required manual processing. After going live with Coupa/LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru®, we can evaluate multiple ‘what-if scenarios’, with the average scenario taking less than two days to model and analyze.”

– Director of Supply Chain Management for Leading U.S. Chemicals Distributor