Retail and Grocery

Today’s retail marketplace is digital ​with over 2 billion e-commerce buyers with grocery shopping becoming the new frontier

In today’s competitive market, Retailers must maintain fast and flexible supply chains that provide broad visibility and communication across internal and external channels. Spinnaker SCA has integrated service offerings that help retail clients build seamless approaches to manage cross-channel merchandising; a market differentiator in Retail & Apparel is fulfilling orders through multiple retail and online channels while aligning forecasting and finance. Our team has tackled the challenges such as Omni-channel operations strategies, planning, pricing and allocation, distribution and logistics integration, and returns management.

Spinnaker SCA helps accelerate supply chain agility and omni-channel strategies for the grocery industry’s average of ~45,000+ SKUs balanced with consumer-preferred brands.

The grocery supply chain faces turbulence as grocery and superstores adopt online ordering channels, new fulfillment solutions, and “just-in-case” warehousing strategies. Grocers must stay as lean as possible while being adaptive enough to respond to demand. We help food retailers and superstores with supply chain design strategies based on data-driven forecasting that helps insulate against volatility and disruption. By creating efficiencies in fulfillment, transport and storage, we can help boost sales and reduce waste.

We go beyond simply solving a specific problem; our approach addresses talent development, policy and process misalignments, technology gaps, and meaningful metrics to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Featured Case Study

Supply Chain Platform Architecture Drives Digital Transformation, Enabling the 5G of our Future

“Spinnaker SCA has become a very trusted advisor. Using a stable of extremely experienced and pragmatic professionals, Spinnaker SCA helps us solve some of our most challenging problems by leveraging their deep industry experience.”

Erik LaValle

Digital Supply Chain Leader