Process Manufacturing

Strong supply chain fundamentals are critical to process manufacturing to help advance and deliver new technologies and science

Spinnaker SCA helps process manufacturing companies in the chemical and energy, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries to address their unique supply chain challenges. Generally, these companies are striving to bring new technologies and science to market in the forms of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, renewable energy, recycling, and industrial products to name a few. Long-term investments to maintain infrastructure and bring new technologies to market require complex, project-based supply chain requirements and the agility to quickly respond to unexpected demand. Other issues faced include pricing, sourcing, regulatory requirements, inventory management, and standardization.

Spinnaker SCA helps Process Manufacturing clients help companies to focus on key decisions related to business reliability, cost, and risk management. We focus on key decisions around forecasts, service level policies and supply chain design. Next, our experts analyze our clients’ processes and tools for tactical and executional supply chain operations.

Featured Case Study

Materials Science S&OP Enablement using SAP APO

“Ninety percent of S&OP implementation is change management”

 – Project Sponsor