Program & Change Management

Connect your supply chain strategies to your processes and people.

Driving progress toward your future state.

Often, organizations look at program and project management as limited to the planning and organizing of tasks necessary to complete an initiative. Spinnaker SCA PMs combine a deep knowledge of supply chain operations and technology with client education to ensure that client tasks are fully identified integrated and mitigated for risk.

Change is hard. Spinnaker SCA four integrated components of our OCM Framework are designed to identify and mitigate resistance and pave a path toward a commitment to and adoption of change brought about by your business transformation. Our OCM approach is disciplined and proactive, anticipating a collective organizational response to change, and manages those responses accordingly.

Spinnaker SCA offers comprehensive, strategic training solutions using a framework tailored for specific organizational needs or groups while leveraging our success with other firms and drawing on a vast library of readily customizable content. Our services cover a full range of supply chain planning application modules. We span from introductory orientation to strategic functional and performance optimization. Our training services are seamlessly integrated within our organizational change management framework to meet all user and stakeholder adoption & capability needs for exemplary results.

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Holistic thinking for transformational change