Discrete Manufacturing

Partner with the experts to optimize leading manufacturer’s networks, inventory and operations and expand direct-to-consumer opportunities.

Spinnaker SCA’s integrated supply chain solutions enable Discrete Manufacturers to evaluate key supply chain decisions through analysis and modeling of relevant customer and production data. Manufacturing sector such as high-tech, semiconductors, consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices, and furniture deal with complex supply chains. Some of the challenges include:

  • Short product life cycles place a premium on effectively managing the launch and ramp down of products through effective demand and supply planning, including end-of-life spares and replacement parts.
  • Lengthy and often outsourced global supply chains require coordination across geographies, accurate inventory visibility, and aligned decision-making.
  • Complex product structures require effective master data and supply chain processes to ensure inventory is available and obsolescence is managed.
  • Demand uncertainty requires balancing customer service objectives with risk- and cost-management goals.


Product support can run for decades, which necessitates a comprehensive forward-and-reverse supply chain strategy to address channel solutions. In particular, secondary markets represent a key opportunity for manufacturers to disposition assets and increase recovery. Spinnaker SCA helps clients to control fixed costs, increase flexibility, and balance responsiveness versus costs.  Spinnaker SCA consultants possess the breadth and depth of experience in this industry that is the cornerstone of our services. 


Featured Case Study

Raising the Roof On S&OP at Leading Roofing Manufacturer

“This solution has been a game changer!”

– Executive Director of Planning