Spinnaker SCA’s George Fowler to be Featured on Discovery Channel’s Show; Out of
Stock: Supply Chain Crisis
Spinnaker SCA’s CTO provides expertise on how the pandemic has disrupted the supply chain

BOULDER, CO, December 16th, 2021  – Spinnaker SCA, the international provider of supply chain strategy, planning, and operational consulting, announced today that George Fowler, Senior Vice President of Planning and Omnichannel and Chief Technology Officer will be featured on the Show; Out of Stock: Supply Chain Crisis to provide his expertise on the impact the pandemic has had on the supply chain over the past 22+ months.

The world’s Supply Chains are susceptible to the effects of virus outbreaks. Whether its shortages of food and necessities, significant package delivery delays, major backups at our nation’s ports, or inflation-related to increased demand for a short supply of key inputs like steel and microchips – the global supply chain is in crisis. If there is one thing that the Global Pandemic has demonstrated, it is relatively speaking, “when the world fights a virus, its Supply Chains can go on life support”. A 2021 US Presidential Order deemed the nation’s supply chains for food, health care, energy, infrastructure, and semi-conductors as critical to our national security. Experts around the world are scrambling to inoculate our supply chains from the disruptions that range from plague, extreme weather, and civil unrest that threaten to derail the world’s intricate flow of products.

Join our own George Fowler, and the Discovery Channel as they outline the state of the Global Supply chain. The first 2 episodes will air on Saturday, December 18th from 8-10 PM EST. In these episodes, Fowler will discuss how supply chain disruptions have impacted the consumer goods and food & beverage industries.

Fowler brings more than 25 years of experience in Supply Chain and Business Process Management. A veteran of the supply chain industry, Fowler has established a reputation for helping to improve the planning and logistics for many of the world’s most prominent companies.  He is considered an expert in technology-enabled supply chain transformations and is a 5-time recipient of Supply and Demand Chain Executives Top 100 Pros to Know distinction.

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